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Jakub Havej, CEO

Have you ever experienced a situation when you arrived to your final destination and find yourself staring at an empty baggage carousel and hoping there is still one last baggage coming? Well, in a better case, your baggage is delayed. The worst case, the baggage is completely lost and you’ll never see it again. This post will give you an in-depth guidance on how to handle such situation and how to get your delayed baggage compensation so there won’t be a space for a panic or a confusion anymore. All necessary information can be also found within our web app

According to the Air Travel Consumer Report issued by U.S. Department of Transportation, all U.S. based airlines reported almost two million mishandled baggage reports in total in 2013. The number isn’t so high in connection with a total amount of enplaned passengers but it’s always better to be prepared than to try to find the information at the last minute.

Fortunately, the baggage claim is the most universal feature of our web app since it is based on the Montreal Convention that was signed by 104 countries so it is applicable almost worldwide. Besides of this convention, there exists also the Warsaw Convention which is used mainly for flights out of Russia and will be implemented into the app soon (UPDATE: The Warsaw Convention is already implemented in our app).

1. Contact a Baggage Claim Desk

Once you notice your baggage is missing, contact the Baggage Claim Desk, which is located somewhere at the airport (usually close to baggage carousels) and inform the stuff about the situation. If there is no such desk around, get in touch with the airline whose aircraft you were actually on. Stay calm and try to talk to the staff politely – I know, you are annoyed to death but the person you are talking to is your only one contact point at the moment so it’s better to get along well with him.

2. File your claim immediately

The staff will advise you to file your claim through a property irregularity report (PIR). The property irregularity report is an official document that you must fill before leaving the airport. This paperwork will be highly expedited if you have following information in hand:

  • reservation number (can be found on your flight ticket)
  • baggage tag number (the tag is usually attached to your boarding pass at baggage check-in)
  • details of your baggage (manufacturer, size, color)
  • address of location where you will be staying
  • telephone number where you will be accessible

Once the property irregularity report is completed, you’ll receive a file number and a copy of the report. Don’t lose it as you will need it for tracking of your baggage afterwards.

3. Request an overnight kit

Well, you don’t need the kit if you are missing your baggage on your way home. However if it happens once you are abroad (I don’t know why but it happens the most frequently), you should ask for the overnight kit. Almost every airline has the kit ready but only a few of them provide it automatically. So you should ask in every case. The kit isn’t any special but it usually contains shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush and a razor with a shaving cream. Sometimes you can find there a deodorant, phone card, nylon stockings, after shave and XXL t-shirt you can sleep in too.

4. Ask for an allowance for reasonable expenses

You can try to request the allowance for reasonable expenses. There is the same situation as with the overnight kit – airlines don’t usually give the allowance naturally so make sure you ask them. If you are a lucky one you can receive the allowance in form of cash or vouchers which can be used in a local shop. However, in most cases, you will be advised by the staff about a total amount that you can spend on your own and the airline will refund your expenses afterwards – don’t forget to keep all receipts for these expenses, it’ll be your proof of evidence later on. Just ask them and you’ll see what the airline is willing to cover.

We asked our friends from The Points Guy – the air travel blog that teaches you how to maximize frequent flyer miles and credit cards so they work for you – and we received the following opinion on how to cover your additional expenses for delayed baggage:

With higher fees that deter people from checking bags, and better tracking technology, airlines still manage to lose suitcases from time to time. In those instances, your credit card can come in handy because many credit cards offer all kinds of protection from lost luggage to car rental insurance if you use them to pay for travel, and in the case of lost or delayed luggage, they will reimburse you for expenses while you wait to get your bag. So it’s worth reviewing the terms of your credit cards to see which ones will protect you best when things go wrong.

We certainly agree with them. In addition, once you get the reimbursement from your credit card you can simply double that amount by requesting the refund from the airline (see point 6) so you can profit from the annoying situation a little bit.

5. Check the status, wait and be patient

Once you’ve made all the paperwork, asked for the overnight kit and allowance for reasonable expenses, you are free to leave the airport. Well, right now there is really not much left that you can do except waiting for the baggage and hoping it’ll be found soon. Airlines usually expect that the baggage will appear on their next flight so wait at least for 24 hours and if the airline’s staff won’t contact you sooner, call the number you got at the baggage claim desk and ask about a progress.

In the meantime you can track the progress of your file online using the World Tracer Tool. With the tool, you can check the real-time status of your delayed baggage and, as needed, modify the delivery and contact information which is very useful once you change your place of stay.

Usually it won’t take more than a few days and you will happily see your baggage again – hopefully it won’t happen right at the end of your few-day conference that you had to survive with a cheap shirt and unfitted suit from a local one stop market.

6. Claim your rights formally

The Montreal Convention states that you must claim your rights formally in form of written complaint in order to request a payment for your additional expenses up to EUR 1,250,-. It’s the same situation as above – airlines won’t give you anything until you ask them. In case of delayed baggage the complaint must be made at the latest within 21 days from the date of a delayed baggage delivery.

If you feel lazy and want us to make all paperwork for you, contact us directly (the left bottom corner of this page) or go through our web app and give us your email – we will make it just for a success-based fee. Yes, it means NO WIN = NO FEE.

Sometimes it may happen that your baggage won’t be delivered at all. If the delay with delivery is more than 21 days, your baggage is considered lost. There will be a post dedicated especially to the lost baggage issue – signup to our newsletters and we’ll keep you posted.

How many times have you experienced the situation of delayed baggage? What is your opinion on airlines’ customer service? How did the overnight kit look like?

Hopefully you find this post useful and it would be great if you share your pieces of information with us through your comments.

  • Matt

    “In the meantime you can track the progress of your file online using the World Tracer Tool. With the tool, you can check the real-time status of your delayed baggage and, as needed, modify the delivery and contact information which is very useful once you change your place of stay.”

    I am in Copenhagen at a coffee shop reading this while I wait for my lost luggage! I have been watching the status of my bag on the World Tracer Tool. As far as I can tell, there is no way to “modify the delivery and contact information”. The tool is just a filled form with no ability to edit, which is really inconvenient because I have a new contact information I need to add.

    I filed the form at the airport but I really wish I had known about the overnight kit and the allowance. I already purchased almost every item in the overnight kit and of course I did not save my receipt.

  • monika kaus

    hello, I was travelling on Nov 4th from Denver to Berlin via Munich. My bag did not arrive to Berlin so I went to Lufthansa’s CS and filed papers. Bag arrived 2 days later at my parents address (in Poland, my final destination) but 3/4 empty. There was no gifts, personal items and clothes. They left me with one pair of socks, jeans and one tshirt. I had several gift items for my parents (was collecting them for over a year … clothes, shoes, etc) unfortunately, I did not collect prove of purchase … Now, Lufthansa wrote me an email :

    Dear Ms. Kaus,

    Thank you for your response. Since baggage is channeled through various points which include governmental agency and security checkpoints, it is not possible to determine exactly where the loss occurred.
    Please understand that airline liability for items declared missing from checked baggage is limited; standard practice is to offer reimbursement for eligible items against original documentation/receipts when a written report is made within seven days of arrival. Credit card statements may serve as verification of these items with individually itemized identification as to price, ownership and location of purchase.
    In all cases, reimbursement is only offered against submission of substantiating ownership and value of the items. You have stated that such receipts are unavailable, and we are therefore unable to honor your request for financial compensation.
    Thank you for the opportunity to clarify Lufthansa’s position in this matter and please be assured that your baggage claim has been afforded careful consideration.

    B. McFall

    What do I do???

    • Jakub Eliáš

      Hi Monika, thank you for your questions and I am sorry for later reply. Well, this usual answer from Lufthansa may have a way out. In case you haven’t provided any receipts, send them a table with all the lost stuff together with estimated value. I assume that then they will reimburse at least half of the value stated. Another way could be providing some receipts (even though it might not be included in the baggage) – yes it’s kinda scam, however airlines it’s no surprise that most of travellers don’t keep any receipts of items which are carried in the baggage. Let me know if it helps. Jakub

  • Alison Tsalik

    Hi Jakub, thanks for your detailed blog! We have been dealing with a major flight and lost baggage drama from Iberia for the last three months. Baggage was delayed and a PIR claim made on October 6 after not receiving it on a flight from Tel Aviv to Madrid. The flight was purchased through Iberia, but codeshare with El Al (and TLV-MAD was operated by El Al). The PIR and eventual lost baggage claim was made through Iberia, as El Al verbally insisted it was not their responsibility. After final review and answer from Iberia, they push the responsibility back to El Al. In your codeshare article you imply that both airlines hold *equal* responsibility to provide compensation for lost baggage. What law/convention can I quote to Iberia to inform them of this? Thank you so much! I think I should have used your service from the beginning of all this – but now that we’re here, I just want it over! 😉

    • Kamila Z.

      Hello Alison, thank you for you question. In that case, you’re right that responsibility of the airlines is equal but always is better to make a complaint through the airline which code is stated on the PIR (operating carrier). So I can recommend to make a complaint through the airline from your PIR which is El Al Israel as I can see. Hope that the airline will compensate you soon! Let us know your results 🙂

  • Izabela Comsa

    Hi there,
    My husband flew to Bucharest, Romania from Toronto Canada in December 2016 with Turkish Airlines, his mother was gravelly ill.
    After three days finally arrived in Bucharest (his mother died while waiting for a connecting flight in Instanbul) and his luggage was nowhere to be found. We followed all the procedures(your site is very helpful), got for now 600 SDR for the delay.
    I am waiting for the claim resolution at the lost luggage.
    To our dismay, he arrives by Lufthansa operated by AiR Canada on Jan 05th, the luggage is nowhere to be found AGAIN!
    Frankly, we don’t know if to laugh or cry..poor man needs an entire wardrobe..
    To make a long story short, my questions will be:
    1) Are we entitled to interim expenses if he didn’t ask for them in the Airport?
    2) The claim should be made to Air Canada and Lufthansa?

    Thank you
    Please help!

  • Christos Papaspirou

    Hi, I’ve sent you an email regarding my case, but haven’t heard back from

  • Christos Papaspyrou

    Hi, I’ve sent you an email regarding my case, but haven’t heard back from you yet. My baggage was lost by the airline and I received it 8 days later. The airline wouldn’t answer my emails and I filed two complains. I had claimed the loss at the baggage desk at the airport and did everything as advised online. I would like to know if I’m entitled to receive any compensation for such a situation and in case I am, I’d like to hand you the case. Would you assist me if I provided you all necessary information?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Christos, thanks for your comment and sorry for slow response time. To summarize your situation – you should have bought necessary items (like clothes, toiletries, phone chargers, etc.) and request compensation up to this limit now when the bag is delivered. The airline’s liability limit for baggage delay is usually set to €1,400… it depends on your routing but it works in most cases, you can check it in our system by filing details of your case.

      We’ll happily assist you and get you what the airline owes you – just please file your case in our system at claimair.com. Do upload the receipts of expenses properly. Also don’t forget that once we initiate our activities, we’re always entitled to 25% commission, even when the airline eventually compensate you directly (since you provided them with your bank account details in your previous complaints).

      Please bear in mind that according to the relevant law, we are only allowed to claim amount for your extra expenses which is substantiated with relevant receipts. We always strive to get the maximum amount for our clients and in your case, this is the only way how to succeed.


      • Christos Papaspyrou

        Jakub, thanks for your response. 25% is fine with me of course.

        I only bought some very basics and didn’t keep receipts. The people at the baggage loss desk kept telling me to wait a couple of days.

        Anyway. According to your system, the airline won’t pay me. I just thought I could get something out of this case, since I had to wait for 8 days with the airline keeping me in the dark during the whole time.

        • Christos, since you don’t have evidence of your loss, it’s close to impossible to get you compensation, there is no fixed and lump sum compensation in your case. I’m sure you’ll find useful our new service that will solve your issue for your future flights – claimbag.com. Jakub

  • Helen Eden

    hello, I am still waiting for Iberia to pay me the compensation they said I was due back in February. My luggage was delayed in January (9th) by 8days. I put in the claim with receipts as I was advised by two Iberia representatives to buy what I needed. Initially Iberia offered me 1/3rd of the expenses I incurred but since then I have not received anything at all and they are not replying to my emails. I have spoken with customer services but still nothing has been settled. Any advice?

    • Hello Helen, thanks for your comment. This behavior is not unusual, this is how airlines usually act. Please file your claim in our system, we’d happily check it out and help you get compensation. Thanks, Jakub

  • Manohar M G


    This is Manohar, I had travelled on 7-Jan-17 from Bangalore to Frankfurt (Bang-Abu Dhabi-Rome-Frankfurt). My baggage is not delivered to the final destination (Frankfurt). I raised a request in Property irregularity report(PIR) in Lost and Found Department in Frankfurt airport.

    I had filled a case in ClaimAir and I had send all the documents required for your verification 3 months back only (on Jan-17) But still there is no response from your side. Can you please let me know when can I have receive the response and the money

    • Martin at ClaimAir

      Dear Manohar, reply to your request has been sent to your email address. Thanks. Martin

  • Reza Behzadi


    51 days ago (14 Feb), When I arrived in berlin, Pegasus airline losted my luggage and after 25 days (11 March) my luggage reached me. I have two question. I’m thankful if you answer to me.
    1. Is my luggage considered lost?
    2. If answer of the first question is yes, How much the compensation?

    • Hello Reza, so sorry for such a delayed response. To answer your questions:
      1. No, it was “just” delayed
      2. You can still be reimbursed for your extra expenses that occured due to the delay

  • Seymour Fortescue

    Hi. The South American airline LATAM lost our suitcase. I cannot find LATAM, nor its predecessor LAN Chile on your claim form. What do I do?

  • AndieJ

    Hello, I stumbled across your website and wonder if my case would be worth signing up for. I have been corresponding with Turkish Airlines since 8th January 2017, when I registered my case as missing at Istanbul Airport. I was en route from Copenhagen to Khartoum and got caught in snow blizzards for 4 days. I returned back home without continuing to Khartoum. Then the long story of waiting for my suitcase began. From 8th January until I finally received my suitcase, 77 days passed. Turkish told me that if I claimed for a lost suitcase they would stop looking for it and I would receive compensation, but then I would have no chance of being reunited with my suitcase. They advised me to wait a bit longer. So I did. However, as there were many items I needed as well as my whole professional wardrobe being in my lost suitcase, I had to replace quite a few things. After 10 weeks, Turkish had more or less given up and asked me for receipts of items in my suitcase. I had just provided them with the list when my case miraculously appeared. They then sent me a message to provide them with receipts for the items (they called them emergency items- although after 11 weeks they could hardly be called emergency). I sent them receipts of the clothes and toiletries I had purchased while waiting for my suitcase. In fact I only replaced about 50% of my work clothes, shoes, toiletries etc. I sent receipts for $2000 approximately. They came back immediately with an offer of $300 as being the maximum they pay. Compensation for a delayed case is $50 per day for a maximum of 6 days. So that is $300 regardless of whether my case was lost for 6 or 77 days. Why did they bother asking me for receipts etc, I wonder? I understood that after 21 days a case is considered lost, even if it turns up again. I also understood that the Montreal Convention states that the limit of liability for the airline is 1,131 SDRs for lost or delayed baggage. I realise this is a maximum amount and that airlines will do their best to pay a lot less. I have not been able to ascertain whether Turkish Airlines’ statement that $300 is the maximum amount they can pay is actually true. I would think that such a level of compensation would cover standard claims where suitcases are returned within a week. 11 weeks is quite a different matter. Is it worth pursuing through ClaimAir or should I just accept the $300. I would be happier with the 1,131 SDRs  needless to say. The inconvenience was huge, being without my work clothes and other essential items. Many thanks in advance, Andie

  • Sanjay Vazirani

    Hi – I was traveling on Swiss Air from SFO to BCN vis ZRH in June. I had a camera bag which I carried with me from SFO to ZRH. At ZRH, the gate attendant asked me to check in the bag at the gate, which I did. The bag never showed up in Barcelona. In addition to my expensive Nikon, it contained 3 lenses, filters, MacBook Pro, iPad and some medicines

    Swiss has not been particularly helpful. I did file a claim immediately in BCN with Groundforce, the company that manages baggage for Swiss.

    I strongly suspect that an employee at ZRH (or maybe BCN) stole the bag. I have receipts for most items since I buy them online. How should I go about filing the claim and what should I expect. It has been a month since this happened.

    • Hi Sanjay, did you report all these lost items with Groundforce? The major issue is to prove the airline that these items were really inside the bag. Great you keep all receipts, don’t lose it. The financial liability of airlines is limited by €1,400 sum, meaning you won’t get more. We’d like to help you handle your claim… in case you want us to take over, please register your case in our system at claimair.com/booking/new

  • Tatsu&Yukiの二人旅.com


    My partner’s baggage which I used with him had been missing for 1 week.

    While the baggage was missing ,we bought clothes , cosmetics ,toiletries and underwear for two of us and they costed 347.73EUR.
    Finally we got back the baggage but a container of pomade (€19) and the 3 hats(US$90) were damaged.

    We claimed to LOT polish air about it but they said we can only get payed the amount of 100 USD per person for first needs articles and 19 EUR for the pomade. (200USD and 19EUR only!)
    And the purchase of cosmetics and other non-essential items will not be refunded by the airline. Also they can’t pay for not destroyed hats either.
    We asked to get refund of the baggage fee (about 18EUR) too but they have never answered about the fee.

    Do you think you would get more money from them for us ?
    I have all the receipts with me.

    Best regards,

    • Hi, if you can’t clearly prove that the damage was caused by airline’s handling (e.g. by photos and damage report), compensation for damaged items would be close to impossible to get. However, compensation covering your extra expenses is certainly something we can help – please file your case at claimair.com/booking/new so we can assist. Please do upload your communication with the airline. Thanks, Jakub

      • Mags@Travel

        Hi, did you have any success? I am faced with similar limitations claimed by LOT. Are they any different than other airlines? Are we all using them stupid? In my 3 weeks of holidays I lost my luggage twice. Once I had to wait 9 days and the other time – 6 days. Now I waited almost a month for them to tell me they basically don’t reimburse you. If I didn’t buy any stuff I would have literally nothing to wear on my holidays. I can’t believe it. Is this right? If not, I would love to use your services.

        • I truly hope that airlines will someday realize that customer care must be a priority. However, currently the majority of airlines respond to comepensation requests the same way, as you described. That’s why ClaimAir exists – we enforce rights of travelers. Feel free to use our service, we’ll be happy to help you out. Jakub

      • Tatsu&Yukiの二人旅.com

        Hi thanks for your reply Jakub! I have just filed my case now.
        I really hope we can get more than 200USD and 19EUR from LOT with your help.

        • thanks, rest assured we’ll do our best and in every case will keep you posted about the progress. J.

  • Jason Fowler

    Hello, looking for some insight. I’ve filed a claim with the airline and am still waiting.

    Either way here is the situation. I was supposed to fly from TXL>BRU>OSL – the TXL>BRU got delayed causing me to miss the BRU>OSL. The next day I was put on different airline from BRU>FRA>OSL, upon arriving my bags never made it. Now I was told they woudl be on the nst flight coming at night around 5pm. 5 days later I got my bag. I was in a very remote part of Norway therefore it was impossible to buy anything, not to mention I was missing my suit required for a wedding. I was on the phone every day with the airline trying to sort out this mess disrupting my vacation.

    Question is, can one claim compensation for delayed bags based on days wasted without them?


    • Hi Jason, compensation for delayed bags is based on expenses you were forced to spent on necessary items (including phone calls). You must clearly prove these expenses by receipts or invoices. I hope it helps. Jakub

  • Robert Török

    I got in a rather atypical situation.
    More than 2 months ago, I was returning from Bolivia to Romania, with this itinerary:
    VVI (Santa Cruz de la Sierra) – MAD (Madrid), with Boliviana de Aviacion
    MAD – BUD (Budapest), with Ryanair.

    got like 2h 30m between the two flights. My luggage, consisting of a
    bicycle bag with a disassembled bicycle inside and its accessories,
    along with panniers with clothes, did not show up. I went to the
    helpdesk, but there was no one there. In a panic, I had to decide what
    to do. I decided to wait until the last moment for my luggage to appear.
    It didn’t. Then I just ran like hell, took a taxi to MAD T1, and took
    the next flight. I did not file a PIR, there was no opportunity for that
    when it happened. This makes the situation atypical.

    I talked to
    BoA, and they at first insisted that I approach the offices of Ryanair
    and ask for a PIR de cortesia. Idiots. I’m 400 kms away from the nearest
    Ryanair office (mind, you, they only sell tickets at that office, they
    don’t know what a PIR de cortesia is for sure; I cannot risk going 800
    kms for nothing).

    Now their baggage is in their possession, in
    their HQ in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Aren’t they supposed to bring my
    luggage back to my doorstep, wherever that doorstep is?

    I don’t
    get it. I understand that low-cost airlines like Ryanair will do their
    best NOT to help you, just like insurance companies.
    But a nation’s
    carrier like BoA, shouldn’t deliver the baggage to its claimant, since
    it is already identified, with whatever means possible?

    • Hi Robert! First, when I consider your second flight was operated by Ryanair, I assume there were two separate bookings. Second, your baggage was missing upon your arrival in Madrid, making Boliviana de Aviacion the responsible airline (not Ryanair). Yes, the airline must deliver the mishandling baggage to your doorstep (this place is normally specified in the PIR though). So, deal with Boliviana de Aviacion solely, tell them the story and ask them to deliver the baggage to your doorstep. I hope it helps. Jakub

  • Arianna

    I would like to ask what would you do. My situation is a bit complicated.
    I was flying with with Lufthansa 2 bags Denver->Frankfurt>Bombay>Cochin.
    One of the bags was lost. I filled in the claim and waited.
    After several phonecalls, nothing was found. Few days later, Alaska airlines told me they saw my bag in denver and gave to Lufthansa. My husband had to pick it up because at this point i was on ferry with no service. Lufthansa didn’t wven check husbands ID and they still claim it is lost.
    I am flying from India to Europe to meet my husband that had to pay in total extra 180$ for one more bag to get it to Europe (so i will have it).
    I paid extra for 2nd on my flights, but had just one bag.
    Lufthansa also told my husband they can’t ship it to my unless I request it. And I did. But they just left the bag sitting there. If it was not for Alaska airlines, it would’ve been lost.
    What would you recommend?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Arianna, I assume Lufthansa just checked Worldtracer, seeing the general status as “missing”. Just Google “Lufthansa wordltracer” and you’ll notice. This is also the place where you can specify the expected place of delivery (you can also update it by the time). Regarding your extra expenses, keep evidence (all receipts) so you can claim compensation later. We’ll happily help you claim it once your bag is delivered – just file your case at claimair.com/booking/new. I hope it helps. Jakub

  • Mania

    My bag was lost. It’s already been 45 days since. It was on the way from Poland to U.S., 3 weeks holidays. Initially KLM said that it’ll be delivered the next day, which it wasn’t. I was told by the airlines (KLM) that they will reimburse my necessity purchases (clothes and everything, as I had nothing). They also said that if my bag won’t be found, they will reimburse me for its value. I asked the same question couple times to different people to make sure that someone didn’t misguide me. They kept confirming it. Said that they don’t know of any limit of possible reimbursement for purchases and for even the bag. 2 weeks ago a person from claim department called me and said that I will be reimbursed the total amount for the purchases, but in order to be reimbursed for my bag more than 600Euro, I need to prove that it was worth more. I spent a few days collecting receipts (including contacting stores and asking for the copies). After 6 weeks I finally received response to the 2 claims I was asked to register. Their decision was 1131 SDR which is less than what I spent on clothes that I had to get as I had literally nothing! I called them and they said that this is the max that I can get and that people in US were wrong. So my partner, who is American, called KLM Customer Support in US and they say that I should be reimbursed twice, for both. She told us to create another claim. Where is the logic here? From what I red, I should be reimbursed as well as for the purchases, also for the bag. It’s more than horrible. I have very little clothes now (as I took most with me) and debt and no money. It can’t be really happening. Why people in US (not 1 person, at least 5!!) say something else than people in Poland? I’m just extremely angry and worn out.. I hoped it’s finally going to be over and I feel like it’s not even close..

    • Hi, be sure I understand your frustration. It happens all the time, since the legal rules are very complex and difficult to understand (even by customer service representatives of airlines). There is so-called Montreal Convention that rules airlines’ liability and specifies the maximum limit of 1131 SDR. The U.S. has its own legal framework ruling the liability for U.S. domestic travel, increasing the maximul limit to $3,500. In your case, since you flew from Poland, the sum of 1131 SDR is really the maximum you can get. I believe that next time you might be interested in our side-product ClaimBag (www.claimbag.com). I hope you find my answer helpful. Jakub

      • Mania

        To be precise, I flew from Poland, through Netherlands, to U.S.

        Are you saying that a person, whose bag was completely lost, is entitled to the same amount of reimbursment as a person, whose bag was only delayed and found after some time?

        Yesterday we talked to a person from a claim department in EU (KLM), and that person told me that I should get 2 compansations – as well as for the damage caused by the delay, as for the fact that within 21 days my bag wasn’t found.

        Also, there is no resposibility that KLM takes for what they told me and that is ok? We asked about it at least 5 times, and to different people.

        • 1131 SDR is a maximum liability limit of airlines… it doesn’t mean that everyone is eligible for this sum. One must prove the damage that was caused by airline’s fault by relevant receipts. In other words, when a bag is just delayed for a few days, your damage equals to the sum covering some clothes, hygiene products etc. In your case, the damage is much higher but compensation can’t exceed 1131 SDR limit. Freely file your case in our system at claimair.com/booking/new – it’s free to make the check of your entitlements. I hope it’s clear. Jakub

          • Mania

            Thank Jakub for your opinion. One more question – since the convention says “The liability of Carrier in respect of any Damage caused by delay in the carriage by air of Baggage shall be limited to 1,131 SDR’s for each Passenger” since in the bag were clothes mainly mine, but also quite a few of my travel companion, don’t we both deserve a compensation? It’s clearly not defined as “per bag” but as “per passenger”.

          • The bag is always connected to a single passenger, thus the limit of 1131 SDR still applies. J.

  • John Metz


    We are attempting to get compensation from Iceland Air from a trip we did in July, 2017. We travelled to Geneva through Reykjavík. Our flight to from Dulles to Reykjavík was delayed 45 minutes due to weather and we just made the connection in Reykjavík, but our luggage did not. We were told that the luggage would be delivered to our pace of stay, Fayette, France, 6 hour drive, the next day. However, it kept getting delayed and eventually, 4 days later, we were told that we would have to pick it up in Lyon, France, 4 hours drive one way. We stayed with friends who loaned us toiletries and clothing and we washed clothes daily, and there were not major towns nearby. So we didn’t have any receipts for expenses. The cost of the rental car was minor compared to the loss of a day’s vacation. Also, not having bags restricted what we could do. Can we be compensated for the inconvenience this caused and the time it took to drive to Lyon to get our luggage? So far, Iceland Air’s response to our claims have been to request receipts. By they way, it took them 2 months to respond to the claim we filed.

    • Hi John, it’s true that compensation can be granted only when you provide relevant receipts of expenses – you simply need to set the value of compensation as law only specifies the maximum liability limit (approx. €1,400). Compensation for “personal damage” simply doesn’t work as it’s impossible to set the value – it’s different for each case. Airlines are required to deliver the delayed baggage to your doorstep, so if you can prove expenses for your trip to pick up the bag, you can be also compensated for this. I hope it helps. Jakub

  • Louise Sleath

    I would be very sceptical before letting ClaimAir deal with your case.
    You are sold an easy hassle free no win no fee service on their website which seemed reasonable.
    However 3 months after submitting my claim through them for delayed baggage I have just been advised that they will no longer be proceeding with my case due to the low value of my claim (€195) and it has been closed.
    I wish I had now gone direct to the airline to claim compensation myself as for all I know they have received and pocketed the compensation on my behalf…..

    • Hello Louise, I’m sorry to notice your frustration and I’d like to react. First off, rest assured that we have never received a cent from Vueling in relation to your case and that for me as a CEO, it’s unacceptable to even think that we’d keep your compensation.

      Secondly, we worked a few months for free in order to get you compensation. It may just happen that an airline ignores our requests, so the only way how to enforce your rights is by filing a lawsuit – we could do that but since this obviously bears additional costs that we’d normally cover (to keep it risk-free for you), this step is possible only when the value of a case is a bit higher. Otherwise, it simply doesn’t make sense economically… I hope it’s clear.

      Last, we certainly didn’t in any way harm your further rights to claim compensation by yourself, so if you feel confident enough you can approach the airline directly and continue with the process. We’re also open to provide you with our correspondence with the airline once you ask my team to do so.

      Kind regards,

  • Annammr Kahn

    I have travelled from Athens via Barcelona to Madrid by vueling airlines on 15th of November. I checked in two trolley bags , out of which one never appeared in Madrid . I reported the missing luggage at the lost and found counter of vueling airlines and they gave me a P.I.R.
    Now I have travelled back to my country Pakistan without my luggage.
    I am still confused about as what step shall I take next ? Am I still eligible for getting compensation for the expenses i have to bear because of the delayed luggage though I have arrived in my home country.

    • Hi Annammr! Yes, you’re entitled to get compensation for all closely related expenses – obviously, the majority of them should have been spent during your stay in Madrid. In case your baggage is found, the airline is responsible for transporting it to your doorstep free of charge. Jakub

  • DSG

    Thanks for the information. Your info has relieved some of my stress regarding delayed baggage. I was travelling with my wife from Paris to Ibiza by veuling airlines on 30 Nov 2017. All my 3 checked in baggage did not arrive at Ibiza. I made a complaint and got the PIR at Iberia office at the airport. The were hopeful I would get the luggage in 24 hours. It’s more than that now. The website says the luggage is in delivery process. I called them up… They say it is in delivery mode but the can’t promise whether I will get it today or tomorrow. I got a flight to catch tomorrow afternoon from Iberia to Valencia and then to Madrid. What should we do now. Are they going to give us any compensation and how to get it.

    • Hi and thanks for the comment. Buy necessary items, keep all receipts (preferably pay by card) and get ready for claiming compensation later. The amount of compensation equals to the sum of your necessary expenses. Airlines are obliged to deliver the bag to your doorstep, which probably will be your case when leaving Ibiza. Freely file your case at claimair.com so we can help you get the maximum compensation possible. Jakub

  • jrose

    Hi Jakub, thanks for the useful article. One question: I lost a bag on the flight home yesterday (from Zurich to LAX on Swiss). Am I still entitled to compensation, even though I am not abroad? Obviously I have clothes and toiletries at home that I can use until my bag arrives, so I don’t really need to buy anything. But the 48 hour delay in getting my bag is still very inconvenient. Should I ask for $100 compensation from Swiss, or should I not bother?

    • It works the way that you are entitled to compensation that equals to necessary expenses you were forced to make, regardless your location. Without any receipts, I wouldn’t bother… otherwise I would. I hope it helps. J.

  • Kiki

    Thank you for this! I just flew on AirEuropa to JFK from Zurich with a layover in Madrid. last night but My bag never made it to NYC so I filed a claim with Swissport (They checked my bag in Zurich) got a file reference number and have been checking world tracker all day. Swissport in JFK never offered me a P.I.R but she took all my information and gave me a sheet of paper with the website and contact numbers. . I live in Philadelphia so they will have to deliver my bags there and she said it was fine. I am a professional singer and have all my makeup, and very expensive wardrobe in that bag. I have $800 worth of new clothing alone in that bag purchased on my trip (I still have the receipt) along with clothes I’ve owned already, shoes and many toiletries. I plan to replace things tomorrow like makeup and I need to replace a gown for performance as well. I will make sure to keep all receipts for anything I purchase. I have my baggage tag, Boarding pass and reference number. Will I have any issues? The items of clothing in my bag value at least $2500

    • Hi Kiki! I guess that the file reference and the document you got is the PIR (Property Irregularity Report), so you should be fine with initial paperwork. Certainly keep receipts… just understand that airlines refund only necessary expenses. The tricky point is to determine what exactly is necessary… I believe that all your expensive clothes and toiletries are necessary, but you can imagine how airlines react. It’s always about facts, so if you can demonstrate the necessity of the item, it should work. The upper limit of airlines’ liability in the US is around $3,300… the average value of compensation we get to our clients is around $400. Feel free to file your case at claimair.com, so we can get you maximum compensation possible – we work purely on 25% success fee, so it’s risk-free for you. J.

  • Catherine Myres

    Hi – my boyfriend was taken ill on Saturday night after checking in at Heathrow to Harare with Ethiopian Airlines so was unable to fly. His bag was offloaded and when I spoke to the baggage handlers it was booked to fly to Harare on the Tuesday night. I asked them not to but to keep it at Heathrow and either the passenger or myself would pick it up, he gave me instructions on how to do this.
    My boyfriend was discharged yesterday, went to Heathrow, where we thought the bag still was only to find that they actually sent it to Harare on Tuesday night! (I didn’t think you could send a bag without a passenger!) I have a reference number and the tag number now.
    My boyfriend and has now gone to Southampton. He has no clothes other than those he is in.
    Having rung Ethioipian Airlines this morning, again, and said I wished to make a formal complaint, I have now been given a name and number of someone to contact, He has confirmed the bag DID go to Harare and he has requested it back, but in the meantime, they won’t give me a process or confirm that I can claim reasonable expenses for a change of clothes and toiletries to tide him over. Nor will they confirm that they will send the bag to southampton when it does come back – any advice would be gratefully received!!

    • Hi Catherine. As you can imagine, this is not a common delayed baggage scenario, it was actually transported as planned. Just try to request some compensation for extra expenses, but I wouldn’t expect too much. The bag can be transported without a passanger on board, but an airline/airport must perform a special security check. Jakub

  • Johhny

    HI. I’ve tried to use your service and I get a message that my case is not valid. My luggages are still delayed/not yet delivered. Do I need yo wait for my luggages to be delivered first? Thanks.

    • Exactly. Possible compensation would equal to a sum of extra expenses you’ve made due to the delay, so keep all receipts. Once your baggage is delivered (or after 21 days from your arrival in every case), complete the registration of your case. Thanks, Jakub

      • Johnny


  • Lokman

    Hi. I travelled to Germany recently for five days, and reported the lost luggage upon arrival in Frankfurt. We were staying at several cities during the duration, and although an advance address was given, the luggage (which was found eventually) was not delivered on time. Eventually it was sent back to Kuala Lumpur (home airport), where I picked it up when I returned home. Can I still claim compensation from the airline?

    • Totally! And the sum of you compensation should equal to your extra expenses substantiated by receipts. The upper limit of airlines’ liability is usually €1,400. Jakub

      • Lokman

        What if I don’t have any receipts? I survived on whatever contingency materials I packed in my carry-on bag. Would the compensation then depend on the airline’s discretion?

        • You can try, but the airline will likely deny your request for compensation. You must somehow prove the damage caused. J.

  • Silke Weygoldt

    I just came back (t0 the US) from a 14 day trip to Spain- Germany – Spain where my luggage was finally delivered to Spain after 9 days. i was still in Germany at that time so I received it after 11 days being late. I had all my Christmas presents for my German family in there and decided to sent it over from Spain. Will I be reimbursed for those expenses? Also, can I ask for compensation for my time that I spent shopping instead of sightseeing, sleepless nights worrying if I ever see my things again? Christmas without presents? and so on?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Silke, the bad news is that personal damage (time spent with shoping, christmas without presents etc.) is out of scope of compensation provided by airlines. Airlines just reimburse you for necessary extra expenses that you can substantiate with receipts (up to €1,400). The word necessary is a bit vague, I should rather call it reasonable. Can we help you claim your compensation? Just file your case at http://www.claimair.com. Jakub

  • Michelle

    After a disastrous experience with WOW air, I arrived at my destination 36 hours later with no bags. The airline can’t currently tell me the status of my bag and it’s been over 24 hours since I landed. How do I go about buying the clothes and tolietries I need and get reimbursed for the cost? Thank you!

    • Hi Michelle! Please check your eligibility for compensation on our website… http://www.claimair.com/booking/new. If it’s confirmed, go and buy items that can reasonably be considered necessary (if it’s super-expensive, rather rent it)… once your bag is delivered (or after 21 days from your arrival), we’ll help you claim the reimbursement. We get our clients €300 on average, so bear it in mind. Jakub

  • Lorenzo Soini

    Hi, my baggage it’s been missing for 5 days (British Airways). I’ve already started purchasing “essential items” (clothes and toiletries). I was wondering what it’s the best thing to do in this cases: shall I buy a reasonable amount of items and hope that the baggage will be found within the 21 days and then make a claim? If the baggage will turn officially lost after 21 days I believe I would need to buy not just “essential items” but a reasonable amount of items that were in the baggage (and the bag itself). Do I have to put them on another claim after the 21 days? Also, is the amount of 1131 SDR the max that I can get taking into account delayed baggage claim and lost baggage claim? Thank you very much! Hopefulluy I’ve been clear enough!

    • Hi Lorenzo. Yes, the sum of 1,131 SDR (approx. €1,400) is the maximum you can ever get for a single case. Now just accomodate yourself by buying what’s needed and wait for the delivery… you should claim compensation afterwards or after 21 days after your arrival in case your bag is not found (also for baggage and the content itself). I hope it helps. Jakub

  • lisa cabrio

    Hi, my luggage is delayed since monday evening, I suddenly notify the lost and I filled the P.I.R. I received a file number as a text message but the Lost and Found office didn’t give me any copy of the report. what should I do? Is it really necessary to fill a claim?

    • Hi Lisa, if you have the PIR reference, your case should be duly filed… you can also check its validity be entering it onto Wordltracer system (just google “worldtracer + your airline”). Let us know the result. Jakub

  • Liang Yu

    Hi Jakub. American Airlines lost my bag on my way from Chile to the US. It’s now been 3 days. I’m at a conference this week and had to purchase a suit blazer and a small amount of makeup. I’ve heard that airlines typically don’t give more than the bare essentials (toiletries, underwear etc.), so does that mean I should not try to claim reimbursement for business clothes and makeup at all? I don’t know how much airlines typically pay for delay expenses. Thanks!

    • Hi Liang, you should claim reimbursement for all necessary expenses… if it’s not a €200 blazer, it should be considered reasonable and fully refunded. We’re here to help you claim it, just file your case at claimair.com/booking/new once the bag is delivered. I hope it helps and good luck with the delivery. Jakub

  • Evan Benedicto

    Hi Jakub,

    Turkish Air just delivered my second luggage today after missing it for 4 days, the first luggage was returned after 1 day, so thats 5 days total of delayed luggage delivery, would you know if I am entitled to a daily compensation for this?

    I have already written the airline on their online PIR and the World tracer. But it doesnt seem formal enough as I understood from your article , I should complete a written complaint. Where do I send this letter?


    • Hi Evan, definitely not a “daily” compensation. You can be reimbursed for your extra expenses, most probably up to €1,400… but you must clearly prove the expenses and they must be kept reasonable. J.

  • Allan

    Hi Jakub,

    Norwegian airlines has lost my bag from Amsterdam – Arlanda (Sweden) , i immediately got a PIR report, a physical copy and a texted version to my mobile. It’s been 4 days now and it still Saying that it is still being tracked please check again later on the world tracer site. This is the first time this has time this has happened to me, I have been without toiletries etc and extra clothes for this period, – as it is currently winter here from 1 to -6 degrees celicus, I have been without proper warm clothing like jackets other than the jumper I am wearing – am I eligible to purchase new clothing like jackets costing equilvent to £200 and this being reasonable ? As these are quite expensive – also things like an electric tooth brush would that be considered reasonable? Also things like my camera gear that was in the bag , also memory cards etc which cost £60 ish would this be considered essential (I would for travel – to take photos) would like to know your thoughts on this matter


    • Allan

      Or even buy a travel backpack bag £100, is this reasonable ?

    • Hi Allan, there is no definition of “necessary and reasonable expenses”, so use a simple logic… it’s winter, it’s cold = you need some warm clothes (YES, it’s reasonable). Electric tooth brush… can you just brush your teeth with normal tooth brush, I think yes (NO, it isn’t reasonable). Camera gear… I understand, you need it, but don’t buy it… rather rent it for a few days. Don’t remember to keep every single receipt and rather pay by card. I hope it helps… and don’t forget to file your case in our system so we can help you claim the maximum compensation possible. Jakub

  • Mitja Jelnikar

    Hi Jakub, Turkish Airlines delivered my baggage with 26 hour delay by courier directly to my door. To get it I had to sign ‘delivery of baggage release form’ in which is stated among others also ‘…and hereby I waive all claims, suits and complaints to be enforced by myself or persons acting on behalf of me….’ My departure was in Europe and I landed in Asia. Am I entitled for compensation?
    Thanks Mick

    • Hi Mick, it’s so bad noticing such a bad practice from Turkish Airlines. They can’t force you to sign such a piece of nonsense. Without signing this you would certainly be entitled to reimbursement of your direct out of pocket costs. By signing such document, I’m afraid that only a lawsuit would help… Will you please share with us the document (hide your personal details for sure)? I think we can write a blog post about your experience. Jakub

  • Chris

    Hey Jakub,

    Back around November 20th of November I was scheduled to fly from LAX to MGA Nicaragua with Alaska Air. Flight out of LA got delayed and I would have missed my connecting flight. Alaska held onto my baggage, 3 bags, and rescheduled my flight for the following day. I checked in and confirmed with the agent that my bags would be on the flight. Instead of flying through Costa Rica to MGA I was routed through Mexico city. I was booked to switch airlines from Alaska to Aeromexico for the last leg of my flights. Upon arrival in Mex city I was under a major time crunch to get my connection. Rushed to the baggage claim to check my luggage through and it didn’t appear. Didn’t want to miss another flight and get stuck so I rushed to the gate. Upon arrival in MGA, zero out of 3 bags appeared. It took over 2 weeks for 2 bags to arrive, but I am still missing a piece of luggage. Aeromexico is offering me just $110 for my lost bag which contains about $700 worth of items that were recently purchased. They claim that under their policy only clothes and toiletries are covered and anything other than those things are not covered. There are no clothes in the bag only miscellaneous stuff I bought to bring down to Nicaragua. Can you please offer me some advice so I can close the book on this lost bag?

    • Hi Chris! It seems you have the case… you should have been offered compensation totaling to your direct out of pocket costs (2 delivered bags), plus reimbursement of the value of your lost bag + its content. The maximum liability limit of airlines is usually around €1,400, so $110 seems rather ridiculous (even when you can’t clearly prove the content of the bag). Freely file your case in our system at http://www.claimair.com/booking/new so we can help you out. Thanks, Jakub

  • Mick

    Hi Jakub, this is the document passenger has to sign to get Turkish Airlines delayed baggage. In the same sentence he must confirm the receiving of baggage and at the same time waive all claims…Without signing The Form he doesn’t get the baggage. The courier boy doesn’t know anything about background. He needs the signature, without it he will not give you the baggage.
    Please give instructions future unlucky passengers how to get delayed baggage and at the same time get reasonable compensation.


    • Thank you, Mick. This is a horrendous practice, really! But I have a good news for you… the Montreal convention, which specifies liability of airlines, stricktly prohibit airlines to use any contractual provision tending to relieve the arline of liability… and I believe that this vaiwer could be considered the same. If you had some remarkable expenses (> €100) you’d like to claim, file you case in our system at claimair.com/booking/new and we’ll give it a try to get you some refund… J.

      • Mick

        Hi Jakub, do you have any news about our Turkish Airlines claim ?

  • jayashankar DM

    Hi Jakub
    my baggage it’s been missing for more than 21 days (British Airways) when I was travelling from BLR – LHR – MSY on Jan 10th i immediately filled Missing baggage report number – got report number and a texted version to my mobile and daily called BA baggage and same status after 21 days. I’ve already purchased “essential items” (clothes and toiletries) of amount around 1000 USD, Can I put a single claim for both essential items purchased and Baggage contents?
    When I am adding Baggage contents in Claimair.com I get only 3 options ( Cloth ,Toiletries & Small charger) how to add baggage content other than above and any guidelines on what would be total amount on baggage content (My both baggage contents getting around 3600 USD ) + Cost of Empty Check in Bag itself 290 USD how to show that in Claimair.com and do I need to send receipt for these baggage contents ?
    Do you suggest first filing claim directly in BA or I would rather file in Claimair.com and waite for 8 weeks for refund.

    • Yes, you can claim all togetger. I’m CEO at ClaimAir, so I’d obviously recommend you to use our service to avoid further hassle when dealing with the airline directly. When registering the case, freely use a different category and provide more details at the end of the registration process as a final note. Having receipts is mandatory for all extra expenses… it’s clear that you can’t have all receipts also for the content of your bag. Just bear in mind that proving the damage by showing evidence (= receipts) always improve your potential success rate. J.

  • Bingqi Hou

    Hi Jakub,
    Last month, I flight from CLT_ORD_HKG by UA. my baggage lost until today. This morning I received my bag, but it past about 30 days since my bag lost. During this period of time, I spent much time and energy in dealing with this issue. Because I am outside US and have 13hours time difference, it is hard for me to contact them. In first five days, UA send me status. After that, there were no reaction from them. every time I consulted this problem and they just reply awaiting and we will find. in 30days, i bought some necessities, the UA told me that provide receipt and will give some compensation in 6-8 weeks. However, I think it is unfair for me if they just compensate necessity . you know, I spend much time and energy, it is about 30days! I think i should ask for mental loss fee and time missed from work. Besides, there is a policy in their website, if bag lost still after 3 days, they should pay for passenger $1500. So whether i should ask for these compensation ? or could you give me some suggestion. Thanks.

    • I think you’ll be disappointed as personal damage isn’t reimbursed by airlines in general… the reason is that it’s impossible to calculate proper sum as a reimbursement. Airlines are usually required by law to compensate travelers up to EUR 1,400 for direct and provable costs. Honestly, insisting on compensation for mental loss would be a waste of your time. Is it clear? J.

  • jayashankar DM

    Thanks for your quick response!
    I got all receipts for Essentials and Toiletries and essential items brought in US
    But getting bills for items in Bag is diffult
    I have declared the items in BA website claim form – Contents and value in check in bag as follows (I got receipt for few items in this ) not for all

    Contents Value
    Clothing – 688 USD – Receipt for Partial
    Mixer Grinder – 199 USD – Got receipt
    Smart phone and charger – 191 USD – Got receipt
    Indian spices – 298 USD – NO
    Toiletries(Creems,Perfume.) 570 USD – Partial receipt
    Gift items(watches,) 780 USD – No
    Books – 2 95 USD – No
    Medicine 195 USD – Partial
    Food items (Packed) 210 USD – No
    Under garments 179 USD – No
    Let me know how to handle

    • Yes, it’s fully understandable you can’t provide recipts for all the content. If you want us to get you compensation, please file your case at claimair.com/booking/new… please copy & paste the above content details as a remark to the case (last step). Thanks, J.

      • jayashankar DM

        Thanks Jakub for response,
        My 2 Lost baggage more than a month now and sent formal Claim for total value 5585 USD including Essentials and Toiletries (1100 USD) and Value of contents in Bag (4485 USD) was claimed in BA.com and after 10 days my claim was processed paid all together only 1648.69 USD which results in loosing almost 3900 USD from my pocket

        British Airways Customer Relations said in email that “All UK airlines have a limited legal liability and we all use the same calculation to work out how much to pay our customers. Currently, the maximum claim for each customer is 1648.69 USD” which I don’t understand.

        Do you think I can still claim in claimair.com/booking/new to get my remaining amount? I have receipts for all items listed.

        • BA is right… there is a maximum liability limit set to 1,131 SDR which should be an equivalent to the sum in USD they mentioned. Jakub

  • Turkish airlines

    I submitted receipts for clothing for me and my children and a camera instead of what was in my delayed bag from istanbul to new york. The invoices totaled usd1440 and the airline offered me usd150 instead. They insist that this is their rules, even that i pointed to them the link to their website referring to 1131 sdr. if i route it through your company, will i be able to my claimed expenses minus your fees.

    • When you bag was delayed (not completely lost), you should claim reimbursement for extra and reasonable expenses you were forced to make as a result of the delay (the camera won’t work, sorry). If you can substantiate real receipts we can claim compensation on your behalf. I hope it helps. J.

      • Turkish airlines

        Many thanks for the prompt response.

  • Michele Bellato

    Hi Jakub,
    My bag has been lost for 2 days now and I have been offered 150$ in total compensation so far by Air Canada. When would I be entitled of the max reimbursement amount of 1.400€?

    • Hi Michele. Baggage compensation should equal to all out of pocket expenses you had to make as a result of the delay… moreover, you must be able to prove the value by receipts. $150 is not bad. Thanks, Jakub

  • Codi Micklethwaite

    Hi Jakub

    I have a strange one for you. I recently flew a nightmare 67 hour trip to nowhere. I started Winnipeg – chicago – norfolk. second half of that was delayed then cancelled. got rerouted through dulles, but the flight from dulles to norfolk was delayed another 24 hours. having missed my conference I had them reroute me back home to winnipeg. now flying through chicago to winnipeg. second half of this flight is also cancelled. Got rerouted again through toronto. up until now all these flights have been united. my last flight (toronto to winnipeg) was air canada. airline regs say you report your lost bags to the airline of your last flight so I reported to Air Canada (first time I wouldve expected to see my bag up to this point). They claim as the original Itinerary (to norfolk) was united, they arent responsible. United claims as per airline regulation Air Canada is responsible. Now my bags are sitting in norfolk (somehow getting there without me, but successfully located) and I cant seem to get them home because the airlines disagree as to who needs to get them back. all this and I know the fight will get worse (we are at day 7 so I’ve had to buy some things) when I submit the claim and they argue who has to pay it. first question is who’s in the right?

    second part to tag on. everyone claims “reasonable expenses” can be claimed as interim expenses as long as they were necessary. where does that line typically get drawn? eg; I’m a military member with a fitness test tomorrow and no running shoes (in the checked bags). failure to take this test results in lost promotion, and it cant be rescheduled. am I being unreasonable in wanting to be able to take this test and therefore needing running shoes? and in the more general sense where do we drawn the line at clothes? I’m home now, so I’m not living with nothing, but missing a weeks worth of everything leaves you doing the laundry every few days unless you “replenish the stocks” (I’m down to 2 pairs of pants, one the same pair I had to wear for those 3 days of flying). and to make it worse I’m due to fly again this weekend so looking at needing everything that was in the suitcase (travelling for a week again).

    Thank you in advance for your assistance. I’m giving serious thoughts to using your service after 6 days of trying to get my bags to move 100 feet from the baggage service to the conveyor belt of a plane.

    P.S. I did in fact try to start the claimair process with your webform, but it doesnt allow you to have your start and end as the same location, which is technically what I ended up flying. assistance here would also be appreciated.

  • vijay shankar

    Hi, my brother travelled to Stuttgart from Bangalore on 14th with a sport kit and it is delayed till now, no whereabouts about the baggage, I feel AIR FRANCE are very irresponsible. Could you help me out ?

    • Yes, the airline is responsible… tell your brother to rent the kit for a reasonable price and to keep the receipt… we’ll then claim compensation for these costs. Once the bag is delivered or after 21 days from his arrival, he could file his case at our website – http://www.claimair.com/booking/new. Thanks, Jakub

  • Richard

    Hello, I have a question about the delayed baggage while using Virgin America.
    Okay, so for the domestic flight, my final destination was Boston on February 19th via Alask Airline.

    I took a flight from San Francisco to San Diego on February 18th via Virgin America. I was looking for my baggage at the baggage claim area, but I could not find it. So I went to this Baggage service center in order to file missing baggage and went to Boston on 19th.

    I got an email on February 21st that my luggage went to Boston, not to San Diego. So I finally found my luggage back, but I had to make unnecessary purchase of formal clothes for a business meeting and my baggage tag was critically damaged (leather) (almost got ripped).

    Is it possible to get reimbursement for the unnecessary purchase and the damaged tag?

    • Hi Richard! Yes, you are definitely eligible for compensation for all your extra costs… let us help you get it by filing your case at claimair.com/booking/new… we’ll do it for 25% success fee and you won’t bother yourself with the tedious and challenging process. What do you think? Thanks! Jakub

  • Shelly

    I flew Alaska, Lufthansa, then condor last November from Seattle to Berlin with a stopover in Las Vegas and Frankfurt. My luggage was not there when I arrived and the airport claimed that it happens often when traveling through Frankfurt. I provided all info. Including a detailed content list and filled out all necessary paperwork same day. I also missed an important bus trying to get more information at the airport. Suffice to say it did no good as my luggage three months later did not arrive. I only get automated responses from Lufthansa and when I try to call I am either put on hold for upwards of an hour (which is not sustainable for some one who works) or it just hangs up. I have sent everything requested and they just told me they are giving me 250usd for my replacement clothing/toiletries and that my luggage has been claimed as a complete loss. I do not have receipts but I have bank statements to back up my claims and I tell them such.
    Now the story takes a turn as today the Seattle airport calls and tells me they have my bag and I pick it up. Since Lufthansa says the claim has been closed and my bag is a complete loss will they still pay me? I already sent in some of the info…

    Thanks, Shelly

    • Michal Masař

      Dear Shelly,

      After 21 days is baggage clarifed klasified like lost. We can claim your lost baggage with maximum value EUR 1420. If you accepted 250 USD form the Airline, tha value will be lower of 250 USD (app. EUR 215).
      If you are interested for our helping, please, register your case to our website.


  • Michael Brennan

    Hi there,
    Trip: Toronto – Munich; details: Feb 28 Toronto to Amsterdam (layover) with Jet Airways and then Amsterdam to Munich with Lufthansa.
    Problems: My toronto flight was delayed more than an hour and I missed my connection flight to Munich. I spent over a day (26 Hrs) trying to figure out how to get onto a new flight to Munich which would land on Mar 2 and when I arrived my baggage was lost. I filed a property irregularity report in Munich and then left the airport. I did not know when my luggage would arrive so on Mar 3 I had to purchase 632.49 EUR of goods that I would need for the purpose of my trip (backcountry snowboarding trip in Austria). On Mar 4 I received a call that my luggage would be delivered the same day at 2PM.
    Question: Is it possible to be compensated for the cost of the goods I had to purchase because of my lost luggage?
    Thank you!

  • trout

    Hi Michael -we had a very similar event happed when our family traveled over Christmas on Jet – Tor- Am – Much. We spent over $3000 – kept ever receipts/scanned and itemized and submitted them when we returned. Received 100% compensation plus a $400 US travel voucher each from KLM/Delta – It took about a month …. Tracey

    • Michael Brennan

      Hi Tracey, I appreciate the reply – thank you!

      My issue, which I forgot to post below, is that when my luggage arrived there was no confirmation that it was given to me; this is because Lufthansa hired a random couple to deliver; the couple did not work for a transport company or the airline; both didn’t have any documentation….. I am trying to get confirmation from Lufthansa on the time of luggage delivery but no luck yet…

  • Ambro Reyes

    We flew ryanair for 1st time last week. We paid for 1 check in luggage which we didnt receive our whole trip. We had to pay for hygiene & new clothes. Ruined our trip spending money. Up to this day a week later we havent hotten any word or help after constantly calling & tracking it.

  • Neaa

    Hi Jakub,

    I had a similar experience last month while travelling from dubai to san francisco, where my luggage was misplaced and I was told that it will be delivered the next day. Somehow my feet got swollen in flight due to water retention, and I couldn’t fit in the only pair of shoes I was wearing in flight and had to walk around the entire airport, without footwear in total despair. I took a cab and managed to reach home somehow.

    Now, I had an office sports event next day and since my only jacket was in the bag, I had to purchase a new jacket and some essentials. I emailed my claim with bills the next day itself. however, the jacket I brought didn’t fit me well and I returned it after few weeks.

    Also, I finally did receive my bag a day later but it was in a damaged condition will all tags and seams ripped. Anyway, I ignored and had forgotten about this entire thing, but have got an email from airline today that they find the claim to be fraudulent since I returned the jacket I had filed a claim for.
    What should be my discourse in this case? Your advice will be highly appreciated.

    • Minakshi

      Hi – I have a Similar situation, what was the solution?

    • Neaa, I feel really guilty I missed your comment and haven’t replied earlier. Well, I’m of an opinion that you shouldn’t claim compensation for costs that are subsequently reimbursed as a result of a return to a seller. On the other hand, I’m surprised that the airline was able to recognize such circumstances. In general, when similar situation with a bag happens, you should buy necessery items up to a limit stated by the law (approx. $3,500 in the USA) and claim reimbursement later by proving all expenses.

  • alex

    Hi Jakub,

    Eurowings lost my luggage for two days and only delivered it yesterday. I had lots of problems without my usual staff that I use every day(clothes,shoes,toiletries) so I bought them first day of my luggage delay. I called them first day hoping that they will tell me anything about my bag but they didn’t know anything so I went to shops and spend about £220 on the first day of delay. How can I claim my spending money back? What should I do first? Thanks!

    • Dita Tuhackova

      Hi Alex, If you can substantiate real receipts and PIR documents we can claim compensation on your behalf. If you want us to get you compensation, please file your case at claimair.com/booking/new … Have nice day Dita

  • Barry Hollingsworth

    I took a ‘once in a lifetime’, 8 week trip to Zambia with Kenya Airways and reported my baggage missing on 29th Jan 18. It never arrived, so my question is: Can I claim a Daily allowance for the whole 8 weeks? I incurred considerable expenses, my vacation was ruined and I ended up having to stay in my destination city first 3 weeks hoping my baggage would turn up. I incurred great expense having to use unplanned accommodation, taxis, buying what I needed as I went along. To date I have received no payment for ‘delayed luggage or lost luggage’.

  • Petar Ninic

    Hi Jakub,

    I had a connection from Belgrade to Munich, plane was late so does the baggage, so i barely managed to pick up my flight from Munich to Madrid, where i didn’t received my baggage. I filled out the forms and they said that my baggage is going to be send to the address of my stay in Lima/Peru, in this case Hotel, but neither my baggage came the same day like i did, but he came 2 and a half days after, and nobody informed me about that …the deal was that my baggage is send to my Hotel and that they will call me on my cell phone or email that i stated on PIR document.

    I had to buy clothes here in a total amount of 178euros
    But my biggest suffering was that in the baggage i had my external HDD that i needed for conference that was held here and i got Fine from my company for preforming badly on it. So my question is can i add This FINE in the expenses witch is not small and could i get some of it back?
    Do they even consider that kind of material damage that they have done to me by losing my baggage?

    Fast answer would be appreciated

    All the best,

  • Sean Basel

    Hi there,
    I was recently on an emirates flight and it’s been 4 days since they have lost my luggage. I have to fill in a luggage inventory form. My question is how do i fill in this form when it was all my clothing shoes and jackets with a few suits. I don’t have any reciepts or the slightest idea of what exactly was in my luggage or how much each item costs. How do you recommend I fill in the form?

  • aaavaaa

    Can you please tell me if I can get any compensation for what happened to me.. Here goes: Me and my partner were robbed while abroad and the police as well as the airline staff at the check in told us we will be able to board the return flight with the copy of the ID and the police report. When we got to boarding we were refused. This was in the EU. We asked for our checked-in luggage and they said we can pick it up at baggage in about half an hour. After an hour of waiting we asked about the bags again and the staff said it was probably left on the plane and will be waiting at the destination airport. So we left the airport since we had to deal with the lost documents and no one suggested we needed to fill out any forms for the lost luggage. But I was still unsure so I contacted the airline through email. They said they can’t tell me anything about my luggage because I didn’t have the 5 number and 5 letter code you get at the airport. I told them I am no longer at the airport and can’t get the numbers and I received no response. I decided to call and finally I was able to open a file for my luggage, unaware that the call was costing me around 5 EUR per minute! This was stated neither on their website nor durring the phone call. I wrote to them asking to get compensation for the things I had to buy because they took my luggage and for the call I had to make, but after 2 days still no response. I did not include the receipts yet.. Is it possible to get reimbursed for what I’m asking? Please help.

    • Pavel


      I’m really sorry for the trouble you are facing.

      In case of the robbery, you‘ll have to contact police and hope they will do they work in finding your missing items.

      We can, however, help you with other two problems.

      We can claim money for them refusing to let you on the plane. It is a case of Denied Boarding for which we can claim 600 or 1150 Euro depending on the legislature and specific details of the case.

      When it comes to lost baggage, we can claim for any expenses backed up by valid receipts (ideally there should be date and items bought visible on it). If you still haven’t received your luggage I recommend keeping all the receipts for all the necessary things you will need to buy. Airlines usually compensate for clothing, items of personal hygiene, transport, etc. The top limit for compensation is 1420 Euro in this case.

      If the airline doesn’t deliver your baggage within 21 days, then it is considered lost and you are eligible for 1420 Euro per baggage-per person lost.

      I recommend that you register two cases on our website – one for baggage mishandling and one for the denied boarding.


      Kind regards


  • Rade


    I was flying with KLM (Zagreb to Moscow), and my bag did not come to
    final airport because they did not manage to transfer it in my plane in
    connection (from Amsterdam to Moscow). Bag was delivered to me next day at late afternoon (after cca. 26h of my arrival). I got their e-mail that they apologize, that I can pick essentials on the airport, and they will compensate extra costs. Now I am doubting, and I want to use your expertise to see what to do (and use your services to handle the complaint). Their contact person told me via phone that maximum cost is 100 Eur, but is that truth or they just wanted to trick me?

    No one confirmed to me in some written document, regulation etc. what
    is the maximum amount of money which I can spend on items needed, and
    what should mean “necessary items”?
    Is it amount up to 1131 SDR or it depend how long I was waiting, and do I really need something?

    Other question is can I spend that amount just on 3-4 things which I needed
    but they cost much (heavy jacket as it was very cold when I came to
    Moscow, warm shoes, eye glasses, because I had to put off my contact
    lenses)? ​ I bought lot of things, because I needed them, I am aware that maybe some
    things will not be eligible costs, but I want to know some basic

    Best regards,

    • Hi Rade, thanks for your comment. Regarding alleged maximum compensation of €100, this information is totally out of reality. When considering your routing, your the maximum liability of the airline is €20 per kg of your baggage (at least €300 for a 15kg bag). The sum 1131 SDR comes from another legal framework which unfortunately doesn’t apply in Russia. The definition of “necessary items” doesn’t exist – it really depends on your situation and you should evaluate yourself what could be included (yes, since the weather was cold, a warm jacket should be eligible). Just bear in mind that your expenses should be reasonable and that you have to clearly prove them (by valid receipts).

      I hope that we can expect your case to be filed in our system at http://www.claimair.com/booking/new so we can help you get what you deserve.


      • Rade

        Thank you Jakub, you are real expert! I have some additional questions…

        My baggage was delayed in Amsterdam by KLM, so does it apply to framework of EU or not because next flight was to Russia?
        That liability of 20 € per kg is something strictly regulated or approximation in this situations?
        So, I could buy 1 product worth cca. 300 € (warm jacket) or several smaller amount (e.g. shoes 100 € + shirt 100 € + pants 100 €, because I had light clothe on me during the flights, and warm clothes was in my suitcase which was delayed?
        Thank you

        • Thanks, Rade. The applicability of specific regulations/conventions is usually set by a flight routing. Once you file your case in our system we’ll be able to evaluate precisely – freely upload all related receipts of expenses, our team will then decide what is eligible.

          Regarding the sum of €20 per kg, it’s regulated by Warsaw Convention which is applicable in Russia.

          You can buy anything that can be considered necessary and reasonable while expecting that the reimbursement won’t exceed the liability limit.


  • Denisa

    I need you advice, KLM delayed my luggage on my flight from Amsterdam to Singapore. Its been already one week and they suppose to deliver it tomorrow. I would like to ask you about compensation because they left me on the small island in Philippines without any chance to get some official receipt (they have just receipts written by hand). Is there any possibility to claim it?


    • Hi Denisa, in order to get the compensation you must be able to prove expenses. Receipts written by hand might work… it’s still better than nothing. I hope the bag will be eventually delivered. Jakub

  • Erika Wright

    Hello Jakub,

    I currently live in Paris, France.I returned to the US to visit my family and to attend a black tie event. My bag never arrived and it is still “delayed” after 8 days, Delta has no update. I will not be returning home for 3 months, I purchased a few necessities totaling up to almost $800. I had a months worth of clothing, shoes, and toiletries packed plus gifts for my family. My question is that if I add up everything lost it’s well over 3,000 euro. I need some clarity, I have receipts for most of the items in my suitcase, what concerns me is that I was reading that the maximum allowance for lost luggage during international travel is 1,250 euro, that is not enough to cover the lost items in my luggage, what are my options? Thank you.

  • Augusto Zamorano

    Hi Jakub,

    Please help me with the following.

    My baggage got lost in a flight bought in Iberia, operated by Vueling, from Ibiza to Faro last June 06. I got my baggage back on June 17 when back home in Chile. Because I was going to a wedding, I had to buy new and appropiate clothing for it for me and my wife.

    Yesterday I filled out the claim info on your web page, but on step 2 the resutls show: “In case of a baggage misshandling the complaint has to be submitted within 21 days after its delay”. Can you please explain why this message appears if 21 days have no passed since the baggage got lost (June 06) nor from the date of baggage received (June 17).

    Also, for this and future cases, for the claim should I use the airline flight number were I bought the ticket (Iberia in this case) or the flight operator (Vueling in this case)?

    And finally, is it better to make the claim before you recevie your baggae back or is it better to wait until you receive it and do the claim then?

    Regards, Augusto

  • Studly Haiti Auguste

    Due to delay from DCA flight we missed our iberia connection headed to Madrid from Boston. Since we missed the connection our luggage has been lost since March 17, 2018 (over 100 days). Iberia has done nothing to help, I have submitted several emails to them with requested documents, receipts and I have heard nothing. My sister submitted her forms and receipts to iberia well over 5 weeks ago and she hasn’t heard anything either. Please can anyone recommend how to get my reimbursement since it doesn’t look like I’ll see my bags ever again?

    • Hi Studly, why don’t you just use our service? Just go to http://www.claimair.com and file the case so we can enforce your rights. Tell me, isn’t it clear from the blog post that ClaimAir can help you out? Thanks! Jakub

      • Studly Haiti Auguste

        where do I find out the fees for using claimair please?

        • Ditectly on our homepage… but it’s simple, we’d keep 25% success fee, only if we get you compensation.

  • Tom Malewicki

    We are on our trip now, family, 3 kids including an infant. ORD to Brussles to Madrid. Iberia or United lost our baggage. It has been almost 2 weeks no bags. 3 suitcases. We bought stuff and have some receipts but lost a ziplock bag of receipts for lots of things. We are basically wearing the few clothes and washing them when needed.

    What do we do? When do we claim the lost baggage. United or Iberia? Initially the lost baggage report was done through Iberia. How do we prove stuff with no receipts?


  • Hi, I’m currently on vacation in Kenya, my luggage did not arrive and it has been 3 days now, they promise to deliver tomorrow. My flight was on Lufthansa, I have tried to reach them but the customer relation phones are always busy and keeps hanging up. I need to know how much the airline would cover as I have been on vacation without a swimming suit or any clothes for 3 days. what am I entitled to and how do I claim money back if I buy anything. keep in mind im in Ukunda, which is a small village in Kenya and there are no big shops here so all receipts they give are hand written for cash payments, would that work?
    Thank you

    • Hi Alen, it’d be the most straightforward if you validate your claims on our main site – http://www.claimair.com. I’m sure you’ll find there all answers to your questions. In your case it’s crucial to keep evidence of all extra expenses – receipts, even hand-written would work. Jakub

  • Alexandra

    Hi! I had a similar situation . My laggage was lost for almost 48 hrs. If I’m claiming from the airline company to reimburse me the value of the “essentials” bought in this 2 days, I am still entitled to request the compensation for the damage? Thank you!

  • Vanessa

    Original flight: Houston – Dallas – Amsterdam via American Airlines. Flight to Dallas was 3 hours delayed due to inclement weather. We were transferred from american Airlines to United.

    When we arrived to Amsterdam, all four baggages were delayed. We informed the airline and was given $50 per person per day for shopping allowance. Baggage arrived after two days. My question is, are we entitled for compensation for the inconvenience? Our 2nd day’s itinerary was to visit Brussels but because we had to shop for clothes, we had to cancel our trip. I called United and was told that they will give us $75 travel voucher per person. I insisted for check but they said that it’s all they can offer. is this fair?

    And also, should I contact American Airlines for the delayed flight? This is the first time it happened to us and I don’t know what my rights are. Thank you for helping. Have a good day!

  • Aleksandra

    Hi Jakub,

    Due to delayed luggage (on my yesterday flight; due to missed connections) I had to reschedule my subsequent flight (today morning) and cancel first part of my trip (I just couldn’t go without luggage and it was in a amazon jungle so they wouldn’t be able to deliver there and even if they were, this was not the luggage I was supposed to take with me – only part of it). This cost me ~$600 (fees for late rescheduling of the flight mostly). It’s been only a day but I am wondering whether I can ask for compensation if these changes had to be done precisely because of the missing luggage.

    Let me know.

  • Rakesh arora

    I lost my cheakin baggage in Thai air when i flu new delhi to bkk.but when i go to belt i can’t find my baggage .i go to thailand airline office and submit a report .they give me 3000 bhat after 8 days for my expenses now I have to wait for 21 days .I want to know what is the claim policy of Thai air for lost baggage.

    • Michal Masař

      Dear Rakesh,

      After 21 days could be baggage lost and we can claim this type of case with value EUR 1420/baggage by law. In your case it will be without 3000 bhat (app. EUR 80). If they delivery your baggage before 21 days, we can claim your case in value receipts of extra expenses from date between your flight and day of delivery.
      If you are interested, please, register your case in our website and we will help you.


  • Jacob Spiegel

    I’m in England from the US. I flew in on American Airline, transfered onto British airways. I arrived and they were missing my bag. I reported this to BA they flew it out to LHR the next day called me in to pick it up and didn’t have the bag. I still do not have my bags, I am a student at a conference and buying a weeks worth of clothing (suit, shirt, shoes…) is already in the range of 1000 pounds. I have no idea who is responsible to cover those expenses and nobody tells me what my budget needs to be. I don’t know what qualifies as “reasonable”, but I packed highend clothing for this conference and I can’t afford to buy everything again. As a student I’d be rather screwed if I get hit with this 1000pound bill for clothing I needed to buy cause they can’t find my bag.

    Please any help is very appreciated.

  • Ruben Alonso

    Hi Jakub,
    Lufhansa lost my bag with my golf clubs, I have lost the opportunity to play in a tournament in Germany already and will loose the chance to play in Italy this week in 3 tournaments. My set is an expensive one with 2 pairs of golf shoes, a laser and a jacket. All this for an estimated 3,000 USD value, what do you recommend me to do?

    • Michal Masař

      Dear Ruben,

      Is it your baggage still lost or been delivered? If it still lost, unfortunately, we can claim maximum value of one baggage EUR 1420 by law. For this is necessary list of items of your baggage. For delayed baggage we need a receipts of extra expenses from date between your flight and day of delivery your baggage.


  • Ruben Alonso

    Lufthansa lost my bag of golf clubs coming from Chicago to Munich Germany. The bag contains an expensive set of clubs with 2 pairs of shoes, a laser and a jacket. I have missed the chance to play in a tournament in Germany last week on Saturday and now in Italy in 3 tournaments. What do you suggest I do?

  • Ilan Carmel

    Hi Jakub,
    I’m interested to use your services in making a claim against Transavia – they lost our luggage on a flight to Paris and refuse to admit to the facts so they won’t have to take responsibility and naturally make compensation payment.
    We have all the proof at hand – the lost luggage report in Orly, claim form, tag, correspondence, receipts for purchases etc.
    Do you have customer testemonials with clear indication on the results you can reach with the airlines?
    What is your recommended course of action?

    • Michal Masař

      Dear IIan,

      Thank you for your question.
      We will be happy for helping you with your claim.
      If you have delayed baggage, we can claim the value of your receipts of extra expenses from date between your flight and date of delivery. If you have lost baggage, we can claim maximum value EUR 1420 by law. For this we need list of items (things which you had in your baggage).
      If you are interested for our service, please, register your case to our website. We will send complain to the Airline as soon as possible and claim your case.
      If you have another questions, please, contact us.

      Best regards


  • Pernille

    In August I lost my luggage and have followed correctly every step necessary. However now 3,5 months later, I still haven’t heard a word from TAP Portugal. What would be my next steps ?

    • Michal Masař

      Dear Pernille,
      Thank you for your question.
      If your baggage is still missing and you have a documents from the Airline, we can claim maximum value of your lost baggage EUR 1420 by law. Please, register your case on our website and we will help you.

      Best regards


  • svetla


    I write to you regarding my flight from Sofia to Bari on November 24, my luggage was lost. I did not get it during my stay there. I had to buy clothes and cosmetics. Then when I returned my bag was found, it turned out to have been sent to Malta. After I opened it, I found many deficiencies. MY Case update 185766-1BM from 30 november, since then I have not received any response from you, I have sent you all the receipts for the things I bought during my stay worth more than 200 euros, I also have my baggage worth more than 800 euros – a bag, shoes, perfume and jewelery. The Wizz Air offers me 86 compensation. Please answer me as soon as possible if you will help me!

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