We Are In Beta

Last updated on April 9, 2014

We finally made it to the beta release and want to share our excitement with you!

During the last several months, we’ve strived to build the FREE Android app that would seamlessly and instantly help you with flight irregularities, such as delays, cancellations, denied boardings and baggage related issues.

We created guided tours (completely free of charge) which take you through the entire inconvenience and, more importantly, help you to get what you deserve – your compensations. In case you will need to create a complaint and send it easily to the airline, the app will assist you in exchange for a small in-app fee.

Since we are in the beta, the only way how to download the app is via our Google+ community. So please join us, download the app, send us your comments and questions and help us make the app much more better.

You may have a question about the iOS version of the app. Don’t worry, it’s in our roadmap. Once we maximally tweak the Android app to your needs and liking, we immediately start developing the iOS version. The more feedback we get the faster the iOS emerges so please spread the word out.

Moreover, we are going to write this blog. Topics will vary but will be certainly about your flying rights and about the aviation industry in general so don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.