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Delayed or canceled flight? Delayed or even lost baggage?

Flight disruptions or baggage delays just happen. We make sure you'll get paid when compensation is due.

Claim compensation also for flown flights, up to 6 years back.

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Problems we
can solve

delayed, lost or damaged baggage

We tell you what to do when your baggage doesn't reach your destination or arrives damaged.

flight delay or cancellation

Flight delays or cancellations are simply a part of air travel. We make them a breeze to deal with.

denied boarding

Airlines regularly overbook aircrafts' capacity. When all booked passengers turn up for departure, airlines may deny you boarding. We can help you get due compensation for this inconvenient event.

Any other problems?

If you face a problem which our automated system doesn't handle, we have a team of experienced aviation law professionals who are ready to help out at a moment's notice.

We take the stress off your shoulders
while you can focus on doing what you love

Our process

We guide you through the process so you know exactly how to deal with any air travel inconvenience. We have 95% success rate with claiming compensations. The whole process takes 8 weeks in average, while we always keep you posted about a progress and next steps.

Tell us
what happened

Input your booking details, answer several easy questions and we tell you what the airline owes you and how to handle the situation.

We do the
hard work

We know the rules like the back of our hand so we'll fight for your rights quickly and effectively. Just relax and wait for the compensation.


Once the airline pays us your compensation, we take 25% as commission, and immediately transfer you the other 75%.

You can
claim 2 years back

even 6 years back
for UK flights

Customer stories

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Thank you, thank you, thank you. You truly made a nightmare situation easy to deal with :-)

After my 2 daughters and son-in-law were stranded in Shanghai as a result of Lufthansa's mechanical failure (3rd day running), a 14 hour preventable delay and final flight cancellation, I wrote to Lufthansa and claimed compensation...

Charlotte J.

New Zealand
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Jakub was very helpful and it was basically effortless.

I tried to redeem the money myself with very little response from Finnair and then turned to ClaimAir who helped me out.

Dennis W.

Read more
Hello Jakub and Claimair. Thanks a lot for getting the compensation for delayed flight to me. ... Read more

Jana B.

Czech Republic
I was struggling for a month with Turkish Airlines about two claims for delay and damaged baggage. Jakub at ClaimAir too... Read more

Marlene G.

Fabulous service, patiently chasing the reluctant airline for making them pay the rightful compensation!

Harri H.

My British Airways flight from Heathrow, London to Zurich, Switzerland was delayed for five hours plus. Found this exces... Read more

Michael B.

Simply awesome service. I had applied directly to the Finnair but they were playing with words. ClaimAir helped me and I... Read more

Eram J.

Hassle free experience. First I filled my complaint through the airline website, after a while, the only offer me credit... Read more


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Our mission

Every day, there are more than 9 million travelers transported by air, while 800 thousand of them must face flight delays, cancellations, or problems with baggage. Most of these travelers are unaware that they are entitled to compensation, on average amounting to EUR 400. For the people fortunate enough to know about this, it's not an easy process to get the compensation from airlines.

This is exactly why we are here. We want to ensure travelers know how to deal with air travel inconveniences and that they get what they are lawfully owed.

Jakub Havej, CEO

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