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Thank you, thank you, thank you. You truly made a nightmare situation easy to deal with :-)

After my 2 daughters and son-in-law were stranded in Shanghai as a result of Lufthansa's mechanical failure (3rd day running), a 14 hour preventable delay and final flight cancellation, I wrote to Lufthansa and claimed compensation...

Charlotte J.

New Zealand
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Jakub was very helpful and it was basically effortless.

I tried to redeem the money myself with very little response from Finnair and then turned to ClaimAir who helped me out.

Dennis W.

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Hello Jakub and Claimair. Thanks a lot for getting the compensation for delayed flight to me. ... Read more

Jana B.

Czech Republic
I was struggling for a month with Turkish Airlines about two claims for delay and damaged baggage. Jakub at ClaimAir too... Read more

Marlene G.

Fabulous service, patiently chasing the reluctant airline for making them pay the rightful compensation!

Harri H.

Your service was an excellent resource and if I am ever inconvenienced by the airlines again, you will be the first call...

Brian S.

As on the way from Germany to France, our baby stroller got lost, so I decided to contact ClaimAir. Even though it did t... Read more

Annika U.

I could not fly from Paris to Miami on July 24 due to the airline's technical problem. We were able to take a flight the... Read more


I was lucky to have a chance to cooperate with Jakub from ClaimAir when I was dealing with a refund of money for a delay... Read more

Štěpán T.

Czech Republic
I have successfully received the compensation from Austrian Airlines via ClaimAir. Easy, quickly, and without any additi... Read more

Irina S.

Russian Federation
My flight from London to Jakarta was delayed for 16 hours. My friend told me about ClaimAir. They were very helpful and ... Read more

Darshan P.

Everything worked perfectly. When I felt confused for a while, just a single email with ClaimAir sorted things out. T... Read more


Czech Airlines had yet another delay. This time it took over 3 hours and it ruined a good part of my week. Claiming a co... Read more


Czech Republic
Not only I was delayed for 8 hours in Barcelona, but my stopover in Amsterdam was rerouted to... hell on earth, New York... Read more

George G.

Hey Jakub and ClaimAir, Thanks for the help, I got my compensation after using ClaimAir service I took Wizz Air from Pr... Read more


Easy as a child's game. I submitted my claim, got an immediate reply and had the compensation in my bank account in two ...

Alexander K.

United Kingdom
My flight was 3 hours and a half delay with Vueling. I was on holidays and really disappointed with the customer service... Read more


When flying for vacations with my family Brussels Airlines did not deliver our luggage to Porto. We were waiting 4 days ...


I was stuck in Vienna airport for more than 5 hours after NIKI Air cancelled my flight to Milan. I got a flight later th... Read more

L.K. J.

My parents traveled from Greece to Spain in April, however, Eurowings delivered their baggage 3 days after the arrival. ... Read more

Pakhi M.

My British Airways flight from Heathrow, London to Zurich, Switzerland was delayed for five hours plus. Found this exces... Read more

Michael B.

Simply awesome service. I had applied directly to the Finnair but they were playing with words. ClaimAir helped me and I... Read more

Eram J.

When we flew from Malta to Prague with my girlfriend, we arrived with 3hrs and 2 minutes delay. We provided the informat... Read more


Czech Republic
Alitalia lost our bags the day prior to a wedding we were attending in Sicily. Despite their assurances, our bags were s... Read more


The Netherlands
So my flight was canceled and I had to wait 10 hours for a next one. This I thought happened often enough so I wasn't su... Read more


Our flight was delayed for 7 hours, claimair successfully won compensation for us. Thank you very much.


I would like to thank ClaimAir team for handling my case in a very timely and professional way. They were keeping me inf...

Severina S.

I just wanted to thank Kamila and the guys at ClaimAir for helping me get recompense for delays to my travel. Twice in 2... Read more


I got my refund for delayed flight. Nice work!


The agency dealt the problem of the delayed flight claim very quickly, They were really confident in the matter and alwa...


Diky Vasi sluzbe jsme se vcelku rychle dostali k odskodnemu za zpozdeni let od aerolinek Wizzair, jejich komunikace a vu...


Czech Republic
The Staff from ClaimAir has been very helpful and responsive. Their service is absolutely worth the fee since they save ...


Delayed coming out of Amsterdam on IcelandAir for 2 hours and missed the days only connection to our US home airport. Cl... Read more

Kris K.

My Lufthansa flight was cancelled, and subsequent flight was delayed, so the delay to Copenhagen was clearly subject to ... Read more


My flight got suddenly cancelled (or delayed for 22 hrs they said) when I was already at gate over midnight. These angel...


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