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Frequently asked questions

What is ClaimAir?

ClaimAir is a service that handles the end-to-end flight and baggage claims process on behalf of travelers or its business partners.

What kind of compensations
are covered?

ClaimAir gets travelers financial compensation that is legally owed them by airlines in a case of flight disruptions (delay, cancellation, denied boarding due to overbooking), baggage mishandling (delay, loss) or baggage damage.

How does ClaimAir work?

ClaimAir first checks compensation eligibility based on basic details about traveler's booking and troubles. If entitlement exists, ClaimAir communicates with the airline on traveler behalf to get compensation. Once the airline pays, ClaimAir immediately disperses 75% of received amount to the traveler.

Does the service work worldwide?

Yes, ClaimAir works with global legal frameworks signed by more than 100 countries.

Why ClaimAir?

Airlines' goal is to keep their compensation budgets low. So if travelers don’t know the rules and if they don't use relevant legal arguments, chances of success are close to zero. ClaimAir has 95% success rate.

Is ClaimAir a free service?

ClaimAir is a risk-free service based on 25% success fee. It means that the fee is applicable only if ClaimAir gets compensation from the airline.

What is an average compensation ClaimAir gets to its clients?

An average compensation ClaimAir gets to its clients is EUR 400.

How long does the claims process take?

Registration of claims takes just a few minutes. The following process takes 8 weeks in average and depends on airline's responsiveness. ClaimAir always keeps travelers informed about the progress.

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