Unused flight ticket refunds

All no show flights are refundable. Also flights you didn't board within the last two years. Airlines keep it a secret. We get you €78 on average.

When are you eligible?

As long as you didn't check-in for a flight and didn't reschedule the same ticket, you should get at least a partial refund.

You were sick

You were late for the flight

You changed your plans

Your visa expired

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We've delivered justice to thousands of people. Worldwide.

How it works

We enforce your rights. We get paid only when you get paid. No risk.

25 % success fee

It's a legal process, airlines don't comply with the request for a refund easily. Even if we have to take the airline to a court, you won't pay anything upfront. Ever.

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What fees are refundable?

Even in case of non-refundable tickets, you should get taxes, royalties, and other airports fees reimbursed by airlines.


When can I get refunds?

As long as you don't board a flight, at least partial refund of your flight ticket is due. Worldwide and for flights within the last two years.


Why do I need you?

Airlines don't pay refunds easily. We're airline claims experts with legal background. We deliver justice without wasting your time with paperwork and endless communication with an airline.


How should I proceed?

Provide us with your flight ticket. We'll evaluate your eligibility within 48h and ask you for further authorization. We'll legally represent you and in 3 months on average, we deliver you the refund.