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Serve travelers with the best-in-class flight & baggage compensation service and make money on referrals.

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BudgetBakers help people save money wherever they are. With ClaimAir API, we fulfil our mission with ease also for our traveling clients.

Michal Kratochvíl

CEO at BudgetBakers
Why ClaimAir

We let you be the hero

Deliver us flight details up to 3 years back. We return the eligibility details with relevant context that you can use to pamper travelers.

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Get paid

No commitment, no risk. It's only up to you how much you make by delivering flights to our platform. At the end of each month, we pay you €10 for every eligible referral you make.

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No personal data

While we're fully GDPR compliant, we don't need to access personal data of travelers. A flight number and a date of flight is all we need to deliver the value you can communicate. Travelers then provide us with necessary details themselves.

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Quick setup

While you can make your service robust by leveraging our powerful and easy-to-implement RESTful API, the basic setup takes our partners 90 minutes on average.

Eligibility Rate

It's our rule of thumb that we find 2% of delivered flights eligible for compensation. We'll pay you €10 for every eligible referral.

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Become hero

Simple plug & play solution

Make your products and services powerful and irresistible by implementing our flight & baggage compensation API.


Single yet powerful API call

No matter if travelers deal with flight or baggage issues. Provide us with complete flight details and related matters (extra expenses, date of baggage delivery) in a single API call.


Deep flight analysis

Applicable law, specific rules and triggers, and inaccessible flight data, it all plays its role when evaluating the eligibility for compensation. Our platform knows it all so you don't have to bother yourself with it.

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All context in your hands

We deliver the eligibility for compensation with related details, you communicate it to travelers. Share with them the unique URL link so they complete the registration of cases. You never share personal details with us, travelers do it themselves.


White-label available

Travelers provide their personal details, necessary documents, and electronic signature for our authorization form to complete the registration of cases. We give you control over the visual part of the website.

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Our Team

We take it personally

While our solution fits major needs of our partners, we always listen.