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ClaimAir makes sure travelers get flight and baggage compensation when they are lawfully owed by the airlines.

We have an automated platform that handles the end-to-end claims process on behalf of travelers and business partners, completely behind the scenes, and in high volume.

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Problems we
can solve

delayed, lost or damaged baggage

We tell your customers what to do when their baggage doesn't reach their destination or arrives damaged.

flight delay or cancellation

Flight delays or cancellations are simply a part of air travel. We make them a breeze to deal with.

denied boarding

Airlines regularly overbook aircrafts' capacity. When all booked passengers turn up for departure, airlines may deny your customers boarding. We can help them get due compensation for this inconvenient event.

Any other problems?

If your customers face a problem which our automated system doesn't handle, we have a team of experienced aviation law professionals who are ready to help them out at a moment's notice.

Global daily stats

Flight troubles just happen. Show your customers you care.


Transported passengers
Available market


Affected passengers
Serviceable market


Entitled passengers
Cowered by law

When you consider 20 000 reservations a month, 1.8% of them are eligible to compensation. Based on our experience, the average payout per compensation is EUR 400.

This amounts to a monthly potential compensation of
EUR 144 000

Our process

We can cooperate on affiliate or white-label basis.
Our system can be easily integrated into your solution. The possibilities are unlimited.

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your bookings

Get your affiliate link to forward your customers to our website or send us your data in a batch.

We do
the hard work

We'll check compensation eligibility of bookings coming from you and if possible, we'll pursue the compensation.

gets paid

Once the airline pays us the compensation, your customers get paid, and we both share our commission.

We can pursue compensation
for flights up to 2 years back

even 6 years back
for UK flights

Why we should cooperate

Would you like to take your customer service to the next level and get a new revenue stream?

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Valuable service
for your customers

Everyone wants to be pampered. Our service disrupts the aviation industry and makes traveling stress-free.

Improve customer
relatioship and loyality

You need a competitive advantage to succeed. Integrate our service into your solution and you'll get it.

revenue stream

We share our commission with you. Another revenue stream adds stability to your company.

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Become a partner