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Charlotte J.

New Zealand

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You truly made a nightmare situation easy to deal with :-)

After my 2 daughters and son-in-law were stranded in Shanghai as a result of Lufthansa's mechanical failure (3rd day running), a 14 hour preventable delay and final flight cancellation, I wrote to Lufthansa and claimed compensation.

I was informed that the delay/cancellation of the flight to Frankfurt was unexpected and unpreventable and therefore was not eligible for compensation! I disagreed as it was the 3rd day and therefore fully expected, but my arguments fell on deaf ears with Lufthansa who stuck to their guns and would not budge from their argument!

I contacted Jakub, who explained that this argument was simply not right. He took the time to explain the particular rules and regulations, why I was entitled to compensation, and that he was happy to take on the case. Jakub was very helpful, prompt in his response to every email I sent and he answered every silly question I asked.

True to his word, Jakub got the full compensation from Lufthansa - €600 for each of the girls and my son-in-law - a total of €1800. I was delighted and most impressed with Jakub's skill and professionalism. I am a lawyer - and I trusted him implicitly to deliver on his promise.

Jakub is a pleasant and trustworthy person to deal with - runs a professional business and immediately asked me where I would like the money sent to. It arrived by TransferWise, an internet money transfer service, just a few days later (minus the fee, which I was happy to pay). Done deal! Thank you Jakub.

I hate to say it... I will probably be back some day... and it will be a pleasure to do business with you again.

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