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Dan L.


I was supposed to fly from NYC to AMS with a US Delta flight. After 12 hours of waiting at the airport, the Delta officials decided to cancel the flight with no reason communicated. They did offer another flight 2 days later but no food or accommodation or any other kind of expenses. Due to the fact that I was flying from US to Europe, with a US company, I was not eligible for compensation due to EU Rules. Note the fact that I had all the needed receipts and papers. The only company that accepted my case and finally got some compensation for me was ClaimAir. I spent over 200$ for accommodation and food and I managed to receive back only around 100$ after 5 months. The main guilt belongs to the Delta Airline Company. I would not fly with them again and I would not recommend it to anyone. They can just cancel the flights and make you pay for everything and you need to fight a lot to get the money back, and in many cases you get nothing. Thank you ClaimAir for the effort and determination.

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