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I was on a holiday with my mother in Mauritius. We had flight opereted By KLM. Day of arrival our flight was cancelled / delayd app. 15 hours. When i got back home, i started to search how I could get refund for our delay. ( Travel insurance covered only 60 € . ) I found ClaimAir web page - i read the page and it seems to be too good to be truth. I added our flight details and some photos for prove our delay and pivtures of our passport. Next day i got e-mail from Dita ": The demand letter relating to your case has been submitted to the airline. We have analyzed your case and we are convinced that you are entitled to €1200.00 compensation." I also got informed that process will take 2- 3 months. After 1,5 months i got e-mail : I’d like to inform you that we have just received a positive response from the airline. They’ve accepted your claims and confirmed that they are about to process €1200.00, which should be sent to our bank account. As soon as we receive your compensation, we'll send you 75% of the total amount, which is €837 - the rest is our success fee as agreed" Couldn´t believe my eyes until 2 days ago i really got 75 % of this amount for my bank account. Too good to be truth! Thank you, excellent service and business idea!

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