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ClaimAir was definitely one of the best customer services I've ever experienced. Trustworthiness is what I consider as one of the most important key elements that a customer service needs to guarantee and satisfy. I'm not here to promote ClaimAir, but I'm here to tell the truth and assure to everyone, who are as skeptical as me, that this company is trustworthy and will fight for your rights to compensation. One year ago I booked a flight to Madrid and because of technical or organizational problems, the flight was delayed by 5 hours. This was when I first contacted ClaimAir and ClaimAir started procedures that took almost a year. I was almost sure that I will never get my money back, but the reason why I kept waiting patiently was ClaimAir's constant assurance that they are still working on my case, that I should wait and expect that it will maybe take more time for easyJet to refund me. Finally, I got my compensation and even if it took a year, I am happy to know that with just a click and a little bit of patience, ClaimAir is going to help me. Generally, I do not trust customer service online, maybe because I like to see people's faces to build that kind of trust. But since I had nothing to lose, I asked ClaimAir for help. Thank you ClaimAir and keep going the way you did.

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