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After a thoroughly frustrating delay of some six to seven hours while traveling from Oslo Trop airport to London Stansted last summer, I thought, oh well, just another RyanAir experience. My wife then told me that residents within Schengen, excluding the UK, could apply for monetary compensation. I then easily found ClaimAir after doing a Google search, and presented my case. They quickly responded that I was entitled to compensation and offered to work on the case. I consented and after a few weeks, RyanAir contacted me to offer a 250 euro compensation. ClaimAir suggested that I hold out for a larger payout, but at the end of the day, I accepted the 250 euro reimbursement, which was paid directly into my bank account. I would have never been compensated if it hadn´t been for ClaimAir´s counsel and assistance. The 25% commission was more than worth it. Thanks!

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