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My baggage was misplaced for more than 48 hrs while returning back home from Brussels. In spite of holding the valid insurance from a reputed company, they failed to compensate any expenses.

Then I found ClaimAir.

They are prompt and quickly accepted my case. Today I am happy and wanted to thank ClaimAir team for there effort, as I have received agreed claimed amount. My experience that I like to share for good.

Often the insurance company will say you - once you're back to your home country "policy expires once a member reaches the country of residence and claim for delay checked in baggage is not admissible after return to the country of residence due to the expiry of policy" - THAT IS BIG FAT LIE.

ClaimAir was able to process my claim - A BIG THANK YOU!! Documents that I have attached.

  • PIR report very important.
  • Original receipts of your expenses after you missed your baggage - like medicine, shoe, some clothes, mobile charger, etc.
  • copy of your tickets and boarding passes and information of your baggage tag.
Be ready to wait for more than a month for the claim to be processed.

Good luck!!

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