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How it works

Our app evaluates your claims based on particular flight details so you can instantly get what you deserve right at the airport at the time of inconvenience.

Check Your Claims

Simply input your flight data, answer several easy questions and the app will tell you what kind of compensations you are entitled to obtain. So what are you waiting for?

Control The Game

Airlines often play tricky games and try to mystify you. Equipped with the app, you unveil hidden secrets and best practices so you can claim your rights like a pro.

Get What You Deserve

Airlines sometimes refuse your claims even if you are legally entitled to get them. We are here to make all paperwork and get your compensations for a success-based fee.

Did we tell you that our app is FREE?

We Are Mobile

Flight disruptions become easy issues with all data stored offline in your smartphone.

Our Team

We are based in the Czech Republic. However, we live in the 21st century so we can work from anywhere and that's why we love it.

Jakub Ladra / Founder & Product Guy

Jakub Ladra

Founder & Product Guy

Jakub Will Loos / Co-Founder & Marketing Guy

Jakub Will Loos

Co-Founder & Marketing Guy

Petra Tuháčková / Legal Advisor

Petra Tuháčková

Legal Advisor